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Destra High Dividend Strategy Fund Declares Distribution

LISLE, Ill. – April 5, 2012 – Destra Capital Advisors LLC is pleased to announce the quarterly distribution for the Destra High Dividend Strategy Fund.

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Past performance is not indicative of future performance. To the extent any portion of the distribution is estimated to be sourced from something other than income, such as return of capital, the source would be disclosed on a Section19(a)-1 letter located on the Fund's website under the "Literature” tab. A distribution rate that is largely comprised of sources other than income may not be reflective of the Fund’s performance.

The Destra High Dividend Strategy Fund’s investment objective is to seek long-term total return and current income. The Fund’s investment manager, Miller/Howard believes that financially strong stocks with rising dividends offer the prospects of consistent performance as well as potential added value. Their research shows that dividends can be large contributors to total returns, and that by focusing on companies with a consistent track record of increasing their dividends, investors have an opportunity to generate superior risk-adjusted performance over time. To accomplish this goal the Fund will, in normal markets, seek to invest at least 80% of its net assets in income-producing equity securities. The securities in which the Fund may invest include common stocks, preferred shares, convertible securities, warrants, shares of other investment companies and securities, or other instruments whose price is linked to the value of common stock, depository receipts, and securities of master limited partnerships (MLPs). The Fund may invest up to 20% of its assets in securities denominated in non-U.S. dollar currencies, and up to 25% of its assets in MLPs.

Destra Capital Investments LLC is an investment distributor that specializes in connecting financial advisors with original and differentiated strategies. Destra partners with premier institutional investment managers who are uniquely positioned to pursue superior performance while managing downside risk.  The company’s strategies are currently available through sub-advised mutual funds.  Destra is headquartered in Lisle, IL.  Destra Capital Advisors LLC, the investment adviser to the Fund, is an affiliate of Destra Capital Investments.

Some important risks of the fund are: Dividend Income Risk: Since companies are not required to continue to pay dividends, the possibility that some could reduce or eliminate their dividends in the future could adversely affect the Fund’s distributions. Non-U.S. Investment Risk: Foreign companies or U.S. companies with significant foreign operations may be subject to risks in addition to those of companies that principally operate in the United States including currency fluctuations affecting securities denominated in foreign currencies, which may affect the Fund’s net asset value, the value of dividends and interest earned, and gains and losses realized on the sale of securities, as well as economic and political uncertainty. Master Limited Partnership Risk: master limited partnerships units (“MLPs”) involve certain unique risks including limited control and voting rights, potential conflicts of interest between common unit holders and the general partner. In addition, if an MLP were classified as a corporation for federal income tax purposes, there would be reduction in the after-tax return to the Fund of distributions from the MLP, likely causing a reduction in the value of the Fund’s shares, as well as sector concentration risk, as MLPs are typically focused in the energy, natural resources and real estate sectors of the economy. Energy Companies Risk: can include those specific to that sector which include volatile fluctuations in price and supply of energy fuels, international politics, terrorist attacks, reduced energy demand, the success of exploration projects, clean-up and litigation costs relating to oil spills and environmental damage, and tax and other regulatory policies of various governments and extreme weather. Derivatives Risk: The use of derivatives entail certain execution, market, liquidity, hedging and tax risks. The Fund will be subject to risks that include, among other things, the risk of default and insolvency of the obligor of such asset, the risk that the credit of the obligor or the underlying collateral will decline or the risk that the common stock of the underlying issuer will decline in value. Smaller Company Risk: Stocks of smaller companies may be less liquid than those of larger companies and may experience greater price fluctuations. You may lose some or all of your investment in this Fund.

Investors should consider the investment objective and policies, risk considerations, charges and ongoing expenses of an investment carefully before investing. The prospectus and summary prospectus contains this and other information relevant to an investment in the fund. Please read the prospectus or summary prospectus carefully before you invest or send money. To obtain a prospectus, please contact your investment representative or Destra Capital Investments LLC at 877-287-9646 or access our website at


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