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Peter G. Amendolair

Chief Investment Officer

In his role as Chief Investment Officer, Peter Amendolair is responsible for identifying, researching, evaluating, and overseeing investment managers for Destra. With more than 30 years of experience in the financial services industry, Peter has the keen ability to recognize quality investment talent at the highest levels.

Before joining Destra, Peter was Senior Managing Director for Oppenheimer & Co., where he was in charge of investment advisory programs, mutual funds, and financial planning. Immediately prior, he was First Vice President and CIO of the managed asset group at Merrill Lynch, where he developed and managed the mutual fund advisory platform in addition to multiple other fee-based advisory programs. Peter has also previously acted as Vice President and Director of Finance for the Mennen Company, managing a portfolio of traditional and alternative strategies for both the Mennen family and corporate funds. In addition to his advisory program background, Peter's experience includes managing client funds in a discretionary mutual fund advisory program.

A founding board member of the Money Management Institute, Peter is a respected mentor to many investment professionals. He has built and maintained a wide array of professional relationships from every corner of the financial world.