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Anne S. Kochevar

Senior Managing Director, Chief Compliance Officer

As Destra's Chief Compliance Officer, Anne Kochevar is experienced and knowledgeable in all areas of compliance for broker/dealers, investment companies, and investment advisors. Anne's compliance experience spans nearly two decades, giving her a firm command of the issues in a tightening regulatory climate.

Before Destra, Anne served as Senior Managing Director and Chief Compliance Officer for Claymore Securities and Claymore Advisors. Her responsibilities at Claymore included managing all aspects of compliance for broker/dealers and investment advisors, in addition to handling the legal issues for Claymore's Unit Investment Trusts. Prior to her experience at Claymore, Anne was the Advertising Principal for Allstate Financial Services and the Compliance Coordinator for Nuveen Investments. Anne also supervised a staff of compliance professionals as Vice President and Compliance Director for Van Kampen Investments. At Van Kampen, Anne was responsible for managing compliance issues for various affiliated advisor entities, as well as acting as the marketing and advertising principal for all investment products.