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about destra

Destra Capital Management was born from the passion of experienced, hardworking financial industry professionals with a deliberate, mindful point of view. Destra Capital is dedicated to the core value of building durable portfolios for investors while aligning the interests and incentives of all involved.

Experience Rises Above the Noise

Experience sets Destra Capital apart. Our executives, asset managers, and sales professionals have decades of knowledge in their areas of expertise. This allows us to rise above fleeting market statistics and provide seasoned guidance when designing our portfolio-enhancing investment strategies and products. By confidently taking the long view, we build investment strategies that forgo what's easy in favor of what's right.

Investment Philosophy

Downside protection is key to the success of investors, which is why it's at the heart of our Responsible Alpha™ investment philosophy.

Our asset managers build uniquely sophisticated investment products that seek to limit loss as the market falls and provide upside capture as the market rises. Because our funds seek to limit downside risk, they don't have to rely on oversized gains when the market rallies to offset earlier losses. This gives investors the opportunity to earn high lasting returns without undue volatility.

Responsible Alpha® in Action

Consider the portfolios of two hypothetical investors, each starting with $100,000 in stocks. During the first year, Investor A is aggressive and invests in an index ETF, which rises with the market by 25%. He now has $125,000. Investor B, using the Responsible Alpha® philosophy, is a bit more conservative, and invests focusing on the downside risks; his portfolio grows by only 20% in the first year to $120,000.

During the second year, the market falls by 15%. Investor A's portfolio declines 15% to $106,250. However, Investor B's more conservative portfolio only declines 10% to $108,000, putting him ahead of Investor A by $1,750 at the end of the year.

By following Responsible Alpha®, Investor B is now in a position to earn better returns when the market recovers.

This example is for illustrative purposes only, and is not representative of the performance of any specific fund.

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